ARB Digital works with businesses, designers, artists and more to create stunning and original prints on almost any surface you can think of. Our print savvy and technical skill is regularly on display in galleries, restaurants, homes, and at special events and trade shows throughout Northern California. Chances are, you’ve seen our work without even realizing it!

We're confident saying we can print on just about anything, because so far, that's exactly what we've been able to do.  And don't let the size of your vision stop you; we can print it.



Wood is a perennial favorite printing surface among a wide variety of our clients, from artists displaying their work in galleries to local coffee shop and restaurant proprietors. Its sturdy and organic appearance lends a totally distinctive quality to items like restaurant signs and menu boards, while certain varieties allow for a one-of-a-kind appeal in prints of fine art paintings and photographs (no two panels have the same wood-grain pattern, for example). From heavy-duty mahogany to lightweight balsa, wood makes a classic choice for almost any design aesthetic, from the rustic to the urban.



Although we can print on anything, here are three examples of metals we print on with great regularity:

Dibond - An aluminum sheet metal over a plastic composite sandwich, dibond is rigid and lightweight. While less reflective than other metal options, dibond shows its strength as a relatively inexpensive, yet extremely reliable surface to print on.

Aluminum - Please print on this media!  We have so much fun with aluminum.  It is high quality, lightweight, more reflective than other metals, and can be treated with an angle grinder for texture variations.  By burnishing it, we can produce extremely distinctive effects that exaggerate details and capture additional light, bolstering the emotional impact of the image.

Steel - Heavy and strong, steel is unlike any other metal we print on.  As a media, it has a solid, forceful impact on the audience.  If you want to avoid reflectiveness and showcase work with more of a matte finish, steel is the metal we would recommend.  We’ve recently begun experimenting with burnished steel, which produces similarly striking visual effects as aluminum, with a more continuous flow owing to the steel’s sturdier disposition and less-reflective surface.


Tile is one of our most popular materials because it allows a tremendous amount of space for creativity. We have printed everything from gorgeous coasters to massive pieces of artwork that can hang on a wall or sit on a easel.  The options are rather limitless!

We could print on just about any kind of tile, but the two most common surfaces that we use are travertine and ceramic.

Travertine - This fossilized mud is a very popular natural material. It lends a rustic, artisan look to printed images, enhancing the character and detail of organic imagery, fine art photographs, and original artwork. You will never be disappointed when you print on travertine because the material is so captivating.  With a distinctively textured surface that remains smooth to the touch, images printed on travertine are most commonly described as stunning!

Ceramic - This standard tile material is what most people think of when they consider tile. It generally comes in a 4"x4" square, has a perfectly smooth surface with essentially zero texture, and creates a very crisp, clean look. If you are looking for a classic, reliable surface to print on, ceramic tile is a fantastically presentable option for anything from geometric, modern artwork to fine art photographs.


Printing on glass is very fun! Not to mention, the results are consistently elegant and beautiful.  We print on the underside of the glass so that the image itself is protected from scratching or wear over time. Printing on glass highlights the detail in images and creates an extremely professional, clean look. If you want your artwork and images to have a bright, clear, polished appearance, glass is the way to go. And the applications are extensive: coasters, tabletops, even backlit glass prints (favored in restaurant dining rooms for their ability to enhance atmosphere).

Fearless and Captivating: We tend toward printing on glass that is thick enough to avoid any fear or concern about cracks and breaks.

Canvas & Fabrics

The question was recently posed - do we print on canvas? YES!  We certainly do. We has been printing on canvas for years and there are a couple of different surface options available.

Metallic Canvas - This media has, as one would expect from the title, a more shiny appearance, reminiscent of pearl. This type of canvas is especially effective in enhancing light for black-and-white photography, and drawing attention to bold colors in fine art prints.

Matte Canvas - This is the more popular canvas media to print on.  For those who would prefer to avoid a shiny appearance, the matte canvas media might prove to be a preferable option. The natural fibers of the canvas result in a subdued texture, allowing the beauty of the original image (particularly nature photography and fine art prints) to come through.

Other Fabrics - We print on a variety of fabrics. Including polyester and cotton blends.


Custom printed wallpaper has quickly become a favorite of interior decorators and designers. It’s easy to install, it’s durable and it’s less expensive than other traditional surfaces. Contact us for a quote.

Color Management

G7 Expert Alvaro Rodriguez will help you get the most out of your color.

Do you work with offset, flexo, or digital printers? Are you frustrated because the colors are not turning out quite right or the prints do not match what you see on your screen?

Thankfully, we have a certified color expert on hand that offers color management consultation and device calibration services. From wide format printers to digital presses, we've got you covered. If you need someone who knows their trade, provides exceptional service, and settles for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction, then look no further.

On Site Color Calibration

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Quality Assurance

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Remote software support

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