Our fearless leader, Alvaro Rodriguez, has over 20 years of experience in the world of print and color management.  ARB Digital was born out of Alvaro's desire to revitalize the timeless art of printing by using the most unexpected, exciting, and trendy surfaces: Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone, Tile, Fabric... anything we or you can dream up. We believe there's no reason to abandon the craft of printing, and every reason to merge it with high technology and innovative concepts, creating your own custom piece of art!

"The most important people in the world are our clients." Alvaro Rodriguez

We are proud to be part of a vibrant community of artists, artisans, and professionals. We care about our community, and strive to exceed our customers' expectation. Our great print and color savvy shows itself in neighborhoods, homes, restaurants, businesses and cafes.  The reason we're so obsessed with color, and replicating perfect images on extraordinary surfaces, is because our truest obsession is your happiness.  

Alvaro Rodriguez Borregales - ARB Digital

Our Clients INCLUDE:

Art Street

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Old Soul Co.

La Fiesta

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Broderick Roadhouse

Cantina Alley

Food Literacy Center

Fringe Studio

Hacker Lab


Superior Farms

Living Plug

Mulvaney’s B&L


New Glory Craft Brewery


Tower Café

Zeal Kombucha